Engagement Stories

Alison G.


On March 22, 2008 Tim sent me on an Easter egg hunt. I had to find each egg around our condo, and with each egg there was a clue to lead me to another egg. The clues said things like, "I tried to fix it but it still leaks," indicating that I should look under the sink at our leaky faucet. They were all cute, and some had meaning just for us.

After about 15 eggs, I was sent out to the mailbox, which was part of a crafty plan to get me out of our place so he could get ready. The clue from the mailbox sent me into the living room to where the basket of toys for our dog was lying. But when I got there, I saw that Tim was down on one knee. He said, "Alison, will you marry me?" I screamed, jumped up and down and said, "YES!"

Christina K.

My fiancé and I went to Disneyland for a couple of days with some friends. He had known that my favorite thing in Disneyland were the fireworks. The night we got there, we sat and waited for the fireworks to start. When they did, we stood up, and he took the promise ring from my finger and slipped on an engagement ring. He said, "Sweetheart, I love you so much. Will you marry me? "I was freaking out, and I was completely surprised that he had done that, but of course I said yes. I had almost forgotten to reply because I was so excited!

Danielle P.

I was in the kitchen, baking for Christmas Eve, when I heard my boyfriend Michael yelling from the other room, "Danielle, look at the dogs' collars! There is something wrong with them." I picked up my dog Kobi, looked at his collar and said there was nothing wrong with it. Then, he told me to pick up Tiki because there was something on his collar. So, I picked up Tiki and on his collar was a Christmas tag that said, "Marry me?" It had said, "Will you" on Kobis' tag, but I had picked up the wrong dog first. As I turned around, Michael was down on one knee and asked me to marry him with a ring in his hand.

Hannah M.

After dating Steven for six years, I thought it was about time for an engagement. He informed me that it would not happen for another two years, and I began to get over the fact that this relationship was lasting just a shade under a decade. Steven told me one Friday not to make any plans on Sunday because he wanted to take me out for a picnic, which was something that we had never really done as a couple.

As I got ready for the day, I thought to myself that it would be the perfect occasion for him to propose to me, but the chance of that was so slim that I brushed the idea off. I drove to his house, and then we drove to a park in Auburn. To my surprise, he had bought a picnic basket and had planned this nice Italian meal with brie, crackers, prosciutto, chocolate and Pellegrino. I keep thinking to myself, "Gosh I'm so lucky to be having this nice date!"

Then Steven told me to close my eyes. He told me that he had never bought me a children's book before, and had always wanted to since I am going to be a kindergarten teacher and I've been assembling a nice collection of children's books. He brought out a book that he had written titled "Mikey's Adventure." He told me to only look at the pictures because he didn't want me to read ahead.

I was still thinking, "Awww, how cute!" The story was about a bird that flies around trying to find a best friend, until he stumbles upon one that is like him, Maegan. Steven read the story and the last words he read were, "and they lived happily ever after?"

He turned the page and let me read the last of the story, which said, "Will you spend forever with me?" He pulled out a ring, and I was so excited! He explained to me that Mikey represented him since Michael was Steven's middle name, and Maegan represented me since Mae is my middle name. If that wasn't good enough, Steven had hired a professional photographer to hide and take pictures the whole time. So now I get to remember that day with amazing pictures and a phenomenal book, but none of it compares to the fact that Steven will be the one I spend the rest of my life with!

Lindsay C.

Geoff and I are a "normal" couple. We pretty much have a perfect life together and complement each other quite well. The only glitch in this story is that this is both our second marriage. Geoff is 32 years old and I am 28 years old. My first marriage lasted just two weeks shy of one year, while Geoff's marriage lasted four and a half years. So, you can imagine how we both felt when we first met.

Exactly one year ago today, we met on Myspace.com. It's strange how God just places people in our lives. By our third date, I just knew we were meant to be! Geoff proposed on December 4, 2008, with a ring he had been designing for three months. I came home from a work dinner several hours late, only to realize he had made me a gift that he was dying to give it to me! Geoff had scrap booked the entire year. Yes, scrap booked! It was awesome; he had taken a picture of the numbers on my old apartment building, included lyrics to songs, you name it! It was incredibly sweet and I couldn't believe this big, muscled man had cut and pasted the last year of our life. And this is the reason why I am marrying him. Geoff is such an incredible guy and I am very blessed to have in my life. We are both getting a second chance at love and the rest of our life! Neither of us had a "real" wedding the first time, so this time, it's all about family and fun!

Rebecca W.

I was seven months pregnant with our son when we took a vacation to Orlando, Florida with my entire family for my grandparents' 50th anniversary. We went to Disneyworld and visited every park that we could.

During one evening at the park, the sun was setting and my fiancé and I were walking near Cinderella's castle together. He told me to take a break and sit down on the bench. Then he got down on one knee and pulled out a little box. He asked me to marry him and of course I said, "Yes!"

That was in 2003; we never had the money to have a wedding so we have waited until now. We were solely focused on taking care of our son and finding a home of our own. Now we are ready to actually get married, so we will have had a seven year engagement! Finally the day has come!

Lindsey Z.

My fiancé had just gone on leave from the Army and was planning on staying with me for three weeks. He had told me on August 1st I need to keep my calendar open because he had a fun day planned. He wouldn't tell me a single bit of information regarding where we were going or what we were doing. The only hint he gave me was that I was to wear comfortable clothing.

Friday came and he was very excited and kept checking the weather. At 12:00 we went out to lunch and then got in the car and started driving. I wasn't allowed to look at the GPS and I had to keep my eyes closed for the entire ride. We drove for almost 45 minutes and when the car stopped he said I could open my eyes. I was looking at an empty grass field; I turned my head and saw a huge sign that said skydiving! I was thrilled because I had always wanted to go.

Fast forward to jumping out of the plane. I was on my way down and my tandem partner told me to look at the ground. I didn't think anything of it, but then I saw a huge sign on the grass. It said "Lindsey, Will you Marry Me?" My jaw dropped and I had a huge grin on my face. When I landed he quickly came over and dropped to one knee, and asked "Lindsey will you make me the happiest man, and marry me?" I think I said, "Yes!" without even hesitating.

Sarah N.

My fiancé was a best man at our friend's wedding. We had spent the entire day having a blast with the 400 guests that were present. During the supper, I was seated with some of the ushers, while he was up front next to the groom. The speeches began and my fiancé followed the maid-of-honor with his toast. During his speech, he began to tell the story of how he had met the groom, how they had lived together through college and how they had become best friends. Then, he continued to explain how the bride had come into the picture and had suddenly become a part of the friendship as well. This continued, and he began to compare relationships to gravy on a piece of meat. He said that you really don't need gravy, but once it's there, it adds to your food. Also, he stated that you get used to having gravy, and when it's not there, you miss it.

Then, he said that the next step to gravy is a spare tire. When a relationship gets to that certain point, he said, it's more like a spare tire. Spare tires are always there for you when you need them, even in the toughest moments. I had thought it was sort of neat that he used this analogy because a month earlier, we had been traveling with the couple getting married and had ended up with a flat tire. Again, he used a spare tire as another analogy of a relationship. The tables then turned when my husband-to-be, started telling the crowd that he and his "gravy" had been together for more than three years. He invited me up front, and I was unsure of what was happening. He also had gotten my parents invited to the wedding and began pointing them out.

As he was pointing out my parents, I turned to see them and then turned back to my fiancé. At this point, he was down on his knee in front of more than 400 people and stated, "In front of God, family, friends and even strangers, will you be my spare tire?" I started shaking and tearing up, repeatedly saying yes to this man. He placed the ring on my finger, and I buried my head in his chest. My family and friends were there, and it was a perfect proposal. On a side note, he had gotten permission a month in advance from the bride and groom to propose at their wedding. So, it hadn't been a surprise to them. It added to their day of love, and they were more than happy to be a part of it.

Jennifer B.

My fiancé decided to propose to me this past Christmas to give me something happy to think about during the holiday. My dad had passed away in June, and it would be my first Christmas without him. My fiancé knew I was having a really rough time. So, on Christmas morning, he saved the ring as the last gift to open. It was in this beautiful wooden box, which happened to be a trick box. After I fumbled with the box for a while, he finally told me to open it from the bottom. I opened the box and was so surprised! He got down on one knee and said, "It's an engagement ring" instead of saying, "Will you marry me?" He was so nervous that I waited for him to ask the question, but I ended up asking him, "Are you asking me to marry you?" He said that he was proposing, and of course I said yes!

Allison M.

My fiancé and I live about two hours away from one another, so we decided we needed a little getaway for ourselves last spring. We were both trying to save up money, so we opted for going to visit his great aunt in Arizona and staying with her for free. We also have friends in the same area, so the trip was easy to decide on. We were only there for a four days, so we were trying to squeeze time in with his aunt and our friends. We had lined up to drive into Sedona, which was about an hour and a half away, with our friends one evening. We went out for dinner and then had a hotel room lined up for that night. The following day, we were going to sightsee around Sedona and do a Pink Jeep Tour.

That night, I was casually talking with my friend who was engaged at the time, and she asked if Jared and I had discussed marriage at all. I was kind of offended that she didn't seem to think that marriage had been an option for us yet, but I blew it off. The following day, we went off on the Pink Jeep Tour. They take you up into this beautiful red rock and let you out to take pictures on some of the highest points. We had been snapping funny shots all day because my fiancé is kind of known for being a goofball.

On the second stop, our friend said she would take our picture for us. We ran to this one rock, and my friend said to do a funny pose. My boyfriend said he was going to tie his shoe, and I thought to myself, "Well that is a dumb pose. " Before I knew it, he was on his knee with the ring in his hand. Of course I was completely shocked and started crying. The whole time, my friend had been taking pictures so I have the most amazing shots with beautiful views. The other Jeep tours that were around started honking their horns at us. We later found out that the rock we had been standing on is actually called Altar Rock! He didn't even plan that. The whole weekend, our friends had known exactly what was going on, but they played it off well.

Victoria S.

We had only been dating about three months when he popped the question. At this time we were already living together, a little too quick I must say, but we were still going strong. His mother had let us borrow this old yellow couch that had a pull out bed which was perfect for when guests came. However, this was the only seat we had and was the equivalent to an oversized chair. With this said, we decided to purchase some new furniture. We ordered couches and tables, but they took about a month to get here because of the stores policy. We then decided to give the yellow couch to another family member, me fiancé's cousin, before we had our new furniture.

This is where it gets interesting. He got creative and since we had no furniture in the living room he covered a rubber tote that we kept our Christmas tree in with a big blue blanket. This served as a table. Then he proceeded to place rose petals all over the living room, kitchen and bathroom. He placed pillows on each side of the tote for us to sit on. We live in a small apartment, so this was not a big area. We had recently gotten a new black puppy lab which he tied a big red bow on his collar with my ring. He made a steak dinner and bought wine to go with it. I was the only one working at this time so we were kind of poor.

I was at work that night and he had a dozen red roses delivered to me. When I got home this was all set up. Our new puppy headed to the door when I came in and I saw the beautiful diamond bouncing around. The groom then ran over and got on one knee and asked me to marry him. Of course I said yes! We then had our candle light dinner on the floor with our new dog. It was too sweet.

I'm not done yet. He then ran me a hot bubble bath. He had placed small votive candles all over the bathroom and the tub even had rose petals in it. After I jumped in he brought me desert. He had made this raspberry mint desert that he saw on a cooking show and fed it to me. To go along with the desert he popped open a bottle of champagne for us to drink in very pretty glasses. He treated me like a princess and I will never forget the night we got engaged. Our date is in September and we will have been engaged for about 2 years at that point.

Leahanna H.

The engagement was as perfect as it could have been - the sand between our toes and the ocean waves climbing up to the shore. It was an image of sincerity and unconditional love, to both of us. Standing in the most beautiful place in the world, love captured us and took us away together.

He popped the question and I had no hesitation. With tears rolling down both of our faces we looked at each other, smiled, and knew that no one could ever take what we had away. As a French novelist once said, "There is only one happiness in this life, to love, and to be loved." This happiness does exist and has changed our lives forever.

Shannon H.

Derek and I had been together for six and a half years at the time, and we talked daily about getting engaged and married. In January, we decided to go to a jewelry store and try on some rings. I tried on a beautiful one that I fell in love with. Two months later, Derek and I made plans to go see the Body Exhibit when it came to Pittsburgh. I was actually really sick a few days before and had trouble sleeping that night. However, Derek actually had a tougher time falling asleep but for a very different reason.

When Derek came to my house that morning, I was still getting ready and had just straightened my hair. Throughout our relationship, Derek and I had always written "why I love you " notes. Derek was sitting on the floor next to me while we were talking and handed me a note. After I read it, I thanked him and kissed him. He then, with a shaky voice, told me there was something else, and I reached in his pocket. I immediately started to cry because I knew what he was doing. He proposed, and I said yes after saying, "Oh my God " and "Are you serious? " fifteen times. Derek then handed me the same note he had given me before, but this one read, "Will you marry me? " It was perfect.

Shamonte W.

My fiancé and I met at the workplace four years ago, when we both were transferred in from other stores. We were working at the new store for about two months before we really started noticing one another. After that, I started playing hard to get, and I wouldn't give him the time of day. I had just gotten out of a ten-year relationship with my high school sweetheart, so I wasn't looking for a relationship right away. But, he didn't give up, so I felt like it was fate. We started dating and had a lot of laughs together; it was like we had known each other for years.

One day, I was at work when a guy came in with purple dyed roses, my favorite color, and delivered them to me. My boyfriend then came walking in, and we went to lunch at a local restaurant. When the waiter came to the table, he delivered a glass with my ring inside. It was like something on television! I was amazed and full of joy. That was one of the happiest days of my life!

Whitney G.

I had one day off from work in January, and my boyfriend asked me to help him with handing out fliers for his business. I got dressed, and we drove around the neighborhood, passing out flyers. We drove until we came to a park where he and I had gone on our very first date. He asked me if I thought our names were still carved into the tree that we had engraved five years before. I told him that I thought they would be but that we would have to check it out. So, we went to the hill where the tree was and saw our names still there. He then got down on his knee and told me that he wanted to spend his life with me. The best part was that my grandpa had sent him my late grandmother's ring that she had worn for 55 years of a happy marriage. My fiancée had gotten it sized to my finger, and it just was so special. I hope this ring brings me the same luck and happiness!

Tracie H.

I just knew Doug was going to propose to me in Seattle (he wasn't too subtle when he invited me to go with him). Doug kept telling me that it would be an important weekend and to make sure I brought my camera so we wouldn't forget anything. He knew I suspected it, so he tried to cover it up by telling me the proposal could occur anywhere, at anytime. But, I just knew it would happen in Seattle.

On a Thursday evening, I called Doug on my way home from work to see if he would like to visit my friend Kathy with me. She had just given birth earlier in the week and I was taking dinner to her family. Doug planned to go with me, but traffic was heavy and he was still in it by the time I went to deliver the food. He called me and told me he wouldn't make it, but would meet me back at my house when I was finished. He also asked me if he could take me somewhere after dinner.

While I was at the restaurant to pick up the food, I ran into some friends of mine. We chatted about our plans to go to Seattle in December. I also shared that I suspected that my proposal would most likely occur then.

I got home, Doug and I had dinner, and he told me he wanted to take me somewhere. Off we went, and I asked him where we were going. He told me, "It has to do with coffee." I love coffee! I figured we were getting coffee somewhere, but he said we weren't drinking coffee. We headed out, and I thought perhaps I knew the location, but didn't say that. I was sure we were going to Crown Point, where we went on our first date. Crown Point is a lookout point at the Columbia River Gorge, between the border of Oregon and Washington. On our first date, we drove there and spent hours just talking and getting to know each other.

All the way there, I thought perhaps this was going to end in a proposal, but I didn't want to get my hopes up, plus the coffee part threw me off! We got to Crown Point, and Doug and I got out of his truck, but there wasn't much of a view (it was really dark!) and there were puddles everywhere. We talked about our relationship, and Doug told me that sometimes in a relationship, love takes awhile to develop, but with us, it was just like it was meant to be, it was almost instant. He walked to his car and told me he had a present for me. He pulled out a coffee mug and told me he got me this mug because he knows I like coffee, but there was something more important inside. He then pulled out the tissue paper in it, and pulled out a box. I gasped. Doug then got down on one knee, and said, "Tracie, will you marry me?" I said "Yes!" and jumped into his arms, hugging him tightly.

After that, he showed me the ring and put it on my finger. It is gorgeous! Doug's original plan was to propose in Seattle, but he picked up the ring that Thursday and when he took one look at it, he decided he couldn't wait to give it to me and had to do it that night!

His plan to propose included giving me the Seattle coffee mug, and while doing so, dropping it on the ground and having the pieces shatter with the ring inside. As he bent down to pick it up, he would be on one knee and ask me to be his wife. He was going to keep with the plan at Crown Point, except that it was dark and wet. So he opted to just give me the mug without breaking it, so now I have a memento of our night. Our proposal was perfect: meaningful, heartfelt and real. I couldn't have asked for a better proposal, ring or future husband!