Proposal Don'ts

Okay, you are getting ready to propose. There's no question that this is one of the most important moments of your life. In order for your proposal to go mustnot-sign.jpgsmoothly, here are some things to avoid.

DON'T propose while ice fishing, stumble and watch the ring fall down the hole.

DON'T propose on a snow mobile trail and watch it fall into a snow bank.

DON'T throw a ring at her on your way out the door to go deer hunting and bag the 10 point buck.

DON'T try to open the ring box from the wrong end. The side with the hinge is the back. We understand you're nervous, but no matter how hard you pull it's not going to open that way. 

DON'T tell her that you spent more on your truck than on her ring.

DON'T stop in the middle of your proposal to catch the final shot of the hockey game.

DON'T make the joke that the diamond is cubic zirconia. That has to be the oldest joke in the book. If you feel compelled to make a joke, please, be more original than that.

DON'T hide the ring in her salmon at dinner. There's a good chance she'll eat it. Sure it would make a funny story later, but it won't be so funny at the time.

DON'T start by saying, "Your sister said no, so I'll ask you."

DON'T drop the ring in the sand if you propose on the beach unless you're getting her a metal detector as a wedding gift.