Store Policies

At Harbrook Jewelers we're committed to your complete satisfaction. We guarantee for life, for free, all merchandise made entirely of gold, platinum or silver; all merchandise made entirely of gold, platinum or silver and containing diamonds, rubies or sapphires; and all wedding bands made of cobalt and titanium. Pearls, for example, are organic and tend to deteriorate over time. Likewise, our unique men's items constructed from materials such as rubber, leather, stainless steel, carbon fiber and tungsten, are either not meant to last a lifetime or are non-precious metals, and therefore, merchandise containing these materials is not covered by our Free Lifetime Warranty. With proper care, you should enjoy years of pleasure from these items.

We shall clean, polish, examine prongs, and provide regular inspection on your Harbrook Jewelers jewelry free of charge for as long as you own your jewelry. We warrant and guarantee the quality of your Harbrook Jewelers jewelry for life as long as you allow only Harbrook Jewelers to work on it. Our Free Lifetime Warranty covers the repair and replacement of your diamond in the event of accidental damage or accidental breakage due to normal wear and tear, up to 1 ct. We also cover your diamond in the event of accidental loss due to the stone coming loose from normal wear and tear. To ensure a lifetime of trouble-free wear compliments of Harbrook Jewelers, please bring your jewelry to us approximately every 6 months for a free cleaning and inspection. That way, we can spot any potential maintenance issues and provide preventive maintenance services before problems occur. This warranty does not apply to lost, stolen or abused merchandise.

If it has been significantly longer than six months since your last cleaning and inspection, bring in your jewelry as soon as possible, and after we have cleaned and inspected it for free, and replaced any gemstones that may be missing and made any necessary repairs at your expense, we will happily reactivate your warranty for free. 

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase - for any reason - you may receive a full refund within 30 days, as long as the merchandise is in its original condition and has not been worked on by any jeweler outside of Harbrook Jewelers; or you may exchange the merchandise within 60 days and receive full credit towards another purchase.


Watch and jewelry repairs are guaranteed 12 months on our work unless a lifetime plan (watch, rhodium) is purchased. We are unable to warranty watch work if the watch is unable to seal properly, a common problem for watches. The lifetime battery guarantee is void if the watch itself is defective and it causes the watch to not run efficiently and prematurely drains the battery.

Please see store for complete details on coverage and exclusions of this warranty.

Items Not Guaranteed

1.    Glued Items

2.    Enameling

3.    Lead Solders

4.    Organic Items (this includes rubber, leather, amber, pearl, etc)

5.    Gold or Rhodium Plating

6.    Loss of any prong set round stone ½ ct or less that has 3 or less prongs

7.    Loss of any round stone  ½ - 1.0 carat unless set in a 6 prong mounting

8.    Loss of any fancy shaped prong set stone unless it has the max number of prongs/V prongs

9.    Any setting that is worn down, thin, poorly set, crooked, cracked or improperly supported

10.  Items that have unusual wear or damage above and beyond normal wear

11.  Defective/slow running watches


Ring Sizing Guarantee

1.    If we size the client’s actual finger (the finger on which the ring will be worn), we will resize at no charge within 30 days of initial delivery 1 time only. We cannot guarantee size based off another ring of said client.

2.    If we size a ring to the client’s requested size and the size is incorrect, we will charge again to resize the ring.


Tightening & Checking

1.    Tightening stones: Our fee to check and tighten stones will warranty against stone loss as long as the settings meet the mentioned criteria for 12 months.

2.    Checking links/wear on bracelets or chains: When assessing an item for repair, we cannot guarantee their loss or durability in places we do not do work. Many items cannot be checked without taking them apart. Many items that are wearing ok today may have problems days or weeks later. A linked item will experience stress adjacent to the actual broken spot. It is possible for these adjacent links to break shortly after the obvious damage is repaired.

3.    Retipped Prongs – We cannot guarantee the loss of a stone when we do not retip or reprong the entire stone.


Gems & Diamonds

1.    We cannot guarantee that a gemstone (other than diamond), once taken out of our store, will not chip, break, scratch, or fracture. We will suggest a proper insurance replacement policy to pay for such damage or loss.

2.    We cannot be responsible for diamonds larger than 1ct.

3.    We cannot be responsible for the further fracture or damage to gemstones or diamonds that are received from the customer chipped, damaged, broken, or large inclusions.

4.    We cannot guarantee damage to any stone with an undisclosed treatment, dye, coating, or other enhancement.


Refund and Exchange Policy

1. We will refund or exchange any item sold by us as a stock item from our showcases within 30 days of delivery as long as it was not altered from its original condition (like new). Ring sizing is excluded as a condition but will incur a $35 restocking fee.

2. We will exchange for any item sold from our showcases within 60 days of delivery provided it is in ‘like new’ condition. Restocking fee will apply if applicable.

3. Items bought during December or other times when intended as a gift will have all policies take effect once the ring is given to the recipient. The store must be notified by the client if the item is intended to be a gift for this policy to be applicable.

4. A Special Order item cannot be refunded and all sales are final.

5. We will exchange or remake any item listed below within 30 days of delivery:

  • Cast items from wax that have been delivered. One time only. Does not include stone setting/additional labor charges.
  • Handmade items whether fabricated or casted that have been delivered.
  • Showcase or stock items that have been altered by customer request and delivered will be remade one time only.
  • Items specifically ordered (vendor stock) for the customer from an outside vendor.


Articles may be placed on layaway for a maximum of 90 days with a minimum deposit of 33% unless other arrangements are made at the time of sale.  There must be monthly payment activity and the item must be paid for in full by the end of the layaway period.  Canceled layaways will be issued store credit.

 Customer Resale Program:

We appreciate and understand the sometimes stark differences between what a piece is worth in metal/gemstone weight and what the retail or perceived value of that piece may be. With this in mind we can offer to attempt to sell the item, from the safety and security of our store, on various online channels, such as ebay, to obtain the best possible resale price for the client.

  • When taken in, the piece will be carefully documented, photographed, and weighed.
  •  The client will truthfully disclose all known treatments, alterations, enhancements, or modifications of any kind to the piece            and/or gemstones to be resold.
  • The client will provide an approximate resale value for the piece. If the client cannot or chooses not to do this, we will provide a value based on our gemstone expertise, market knowledge, and other factors. This price will be agreed upon by both parties.
  • If the resale price cannot be agreed upon by both Harbrooks and the client, the piece will be considered not suitable for resale.
  • If the piece requires any service besides a basic cleaning and stone tightening, the piece will be considered not suitable for resale unless services to raise the item to appropriate quality are done by Harbrook Jewelers and paid for by the client.
  • The resale amount agreed upon will reflect the amount insured by Harbrook jewelers in the event of loss or damage while in the store or in transit.
  • Once payment is received from the 3rd party buyer, Harbrook Jewelers will pay the full amount less 20% fee, by check, to the original client.
  • Minimum resale price of 500.00 required.
  • Items will be listed for 60 days maximum. Items unsold will be returned to the customer and an offer of scrap value for the piece will still apply.
  • Clients will not be notified of the exact listing(s) of their piece. All listing decisions will be made exclusively by Harbrook Jewelers.
  • Items not picked up within 30days of the last listing date will be considered forfeit and will become property of Harbrook Jewelers unless noted and agreed upon by the original associate.