Cy and Julie Vandermeer’s story at Harbrook began during our Gem Event back in October of 2012. They looked at many different gemstones and semi-mounts before finding that perfect mount that just needed the right diamond.

Once Christmas started getting closer, Cy decided that it was time to come back in and find that perfect ring for Julie. Seeing that same mount as before from our gem event once again, he knew he just needed the perfect diamond for it. So he and Julie came back in together to find their perfect stone.

Once Julie saw the stone in her mounting, Cy could see the joy in her eyes. When all was said and done, Julie looked at Cy and said, “This is perfect timing for our early Christmas with the family. It really is, perfect.”


Mitch Pruden 

“I love Harbrook Jewelers! You guys Rock” - says Mitch Pruden, a local resident who stopped in looking for that perfect Valentine’s Day gift for a special someone..  


At first he wasn’t sure at all what to get for her… Flowers? Dinner? A bottle of wine?
Jewelry?? He just didn’t know. After stopping in here at Harbrooks and talking with Crissy for a while, he learned that he could get all of those things, right here in our store!

Our gift to our customers who made a purchase of $500.00 or more this Valentine’s Day, would receive a FREE dinner for two at the Art Alley Grill, along with a dozen roses.

So Mitch found out he was able to get more than he bargained for…. Right here, at Harbrook Jewelers!